Gloucester Massachusetts Whale Watch Captains and Crew


Captain Jim Douglass Captain Jim Douglass: "Please join me aboard the Hurricane II. As I carry on my father's legacy as the pioneer of whale watching in Gloucester, I am inspired by the amazement I see on our passengers faces every time we leave the dock! Being able to show and teach the public about these gentle giants of the deep is still an awe inspiring experience for me!"
Biography and Experience: Capt. Jim has been watching whales since 1979 and became a coast guard licensed captain in 1981. He has personally led over 4,000 whale watch trips. Jim is a graduate of New England College, and has also served as chairman of the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce tourism division.

Captain Nick Danikas Captain Nick Danikas: "Please join me aboard the Hurricane II. When I joined Cape Ann Whale Watch in 1991, I knew I was joining the premier whale watching company in Gloucester and beyond. Today, 22 years later, I run every trip as if it is my first--upholding the reputation that Captain Fred built before I arrived".
Biography and Experience: A commercial sword fisherman and herring seiner from 1970 to 1983, Nick became a coast guard licensed captain in 1983. Nick has owned and operated his own commercial whale watch companies since then. Nick has personally led over 5,000 trips.

Cynde Bierman Naturalist Education Coordinator Cynde Bierman: "Please join me aboard the Hurricane II. I love whales, and it shows. What started as simply a love for whales when I was a child, has led to a deep desire to protect our planet. By bringing people out to experience whales in their natural habitat, I hope to share this passion and inspire the next generation of ocean advocates."
Biography and Experience: An Indiana native, Cynde arrived in Gloucester via Dartmouth College in 1994. Working at Cape Ann Whale Watch since then, Cynde has earned one of the few Master’s degrees ever awarded in whale education, with a concentration toward education on whale watch boats. This is her 20th season with us.

Captain John Karvelas: "Please join me aboard the Hurricane II. I have been whale watching for 13 years--all of them with Cape Ann Whale Watch. Captain Jim and Captain Nick have instilled a passion for whale watching within me! My motto is that every time the Hurricane II leaves the dock, I am going to get the best trip possible for my passengers! That's the Cape Ann Whale Watch way!!"

Biography and Experience: Capt. John has been working at CAWW since 1994 and became a licensed captain in 1999. He's a graduate of the Landing School of Boat Building and Design and is currently pursuing a Biology Degree from Framingham State University. John is a huge ice hockey enthusiast. Don't be afraid to ask him about his Humpback whale tattoo!!