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what you can do to help


“The environmental crises we face provide us with the most singular opportunity for greatness ever offergloucester ma whale watch boated to any generation in any civilization. Act — that’s what’s so important! ” ~Roger Payne

If each person on the planet made a few small changes in our lives, made more conscious decisions, and thought about the future of our planet, imagine the changes that could occur!

Be Active
Contact Congressman about local and national issues
Volunteer time: park cleanups, beach cleanups, etc.
Donate money to organizations you believe in

Choose Food Wisely
Buy organic, find a local farm
Choose sustainable seafood

Reduce your use of plastic
Snap six-packs
Use cloth bags for groceries
Don’t release balloons

Garbage: The U.S. produces 19% of the garbage worldwide. We can reduce this!
Start a compost pile
Dispose of batteries correctly
Throw cigarette butts into the garbage (Close to 2 million cigarette butts were found worldwide in one day during the Coastal Cleanup in 2012)

Drive less, walk or ride a bike
Take public transportation

Reduce pesticides and toxic chemicals in and around your house
Buy Non-toxic cleaning products
Use natural fertilizers