why choose the hurricane ii? THE FOUR "S'S"

The Four "S’s" are why the Hurricane II is the superior choice for whale watching.

  • Size: This remarkable 115-foot long by 25-foot wide vessel provides a more stable platform than its smaller counterparts. People believe this helps ward off seasickness.

  • Speed: This remarkable vessel gets you to the whales faster than all of her counterparts. This enables us to get to the whales faster and gives you more time watching whales. We are generally the first vessel out to whales, which all captains believe is important in getting to the “best activity”.

  • Safety and Security: We are the only company in Gloucester that has a Department of Homeland Security safety plan.
    • Four inflatable life rafts
    • We adhere to U.S. Coast Guard random drug testing
    • U.S. Coast Guard inspected and certified
    • Member National Party Boat Vessel Association