August 14, 2012

Hello everyone,

What a gorgeous day out on the water!!! It was flat calm all day, and there were so many whales around! We saw blows in every direction. In the morning, the whales were feeding using bubble clouds, but because the bait was deep in the water, we didn’t see any mouths open at the surface. We did get lucky and see a little bit of that in the afternoon. Columbia and Geometry were doing some surface feeding, and we saw their heads high out of the water filtering all the fish. We still aren’t sure what they are feeding on. It doesn’t seem to be the typical sand eels. The bait looks different on the fish finder, and the whales are feeding in a different way. Some of the whales we saw today are Chromosome, Columbia, Orbit, Freckles, Draco, Geometry, Sloop and calf, Scylla and calf, Longboard, Shuffleboard, and Hornbill. Can’t wait until tomorrow!



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