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May 27, 2012

A lot more feeding behaviors on Stellwagen today.  There were whales doing different behaviors in every direction.  Some highlights were when we had a very active calf played with the boat while mom was feeding and when a humpback named … Continue reading

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Saturday, May 26 2012

It is trips like the ones we have been having lately that every whale watcher hopes for.  I think most people would agree that is well worth the ride.  When there are this many whales in one area it allows … Continue reading

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Friday, May 25 2012

There were about 7 hungry humpbacks on southern Stellwagen today.  Even in some pretty thick fog, we spent our trip with a large association of whales that were using bubble nets right next to the boat to trap the sand … Continue reading

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Sunday, May 20 2012

Another exciting day on southern Stellwagen.  The whales were slightly closer to home today.  When we first got to the area where there were at least 20 humpbacks, you could see the focus was on feeding.  The bubble nets were … Continue reading

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Salt 2008 calf: Sanchal

We had a FANTASTIC close to boat experience with Sanchal today! She was all over the boat: looking at us and rolling over. Her eye was wide open most of the time! Pictures will be coming soon. It was truly … Continue reading

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Amazing Day with Sanchal!

What an incredible day! It was one of those that you only have once a year if you are lucky! We traveled to the southern part of Stellwagen Bank to see at least 20 humpbacks! We saw literally almost everything … Continue reading

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One of my favorite aspects of spring time (aside from welcoming the whales back to New England) is seeing the Northern gannets! I was at the naturalists workshop in Provincetown this year, and we go to the beaches every day … Continue reading

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Cape Ann Whale Watch welcomes you to our new blog page. Please check back often.

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