Saturday, May 26 2012

It is trips like the ones we have been having lately that every whale watcher hopes for.  I think most people would agree that is well worth the ride.  When there are this many whales in one area it allows us the opportunity to be a little bit picky about which behaviors we stop by to observe.  Today we started on a group of humpbacks that were doing some bubble net feeding.  Then a little ways away we saw a whale doing some pec slaps and full body breaching!  We ended the trip on a whale named Etch-A-Sketch who never allows for a boring whale watch.  I’m pretty sure every time I have seen this whale it is furiously kicking away at the surface only to come up with a huge open mouth full of food.  Etch definitely isn’t a shy whale either.  More often than not, this feeding happens a couple dozen yards from the vessel.  The best part about trips like this is that no matter where you are on the boat, there is something happening near by.

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