Amazing Day with Sanchal!

What an incredible day! It was one of those that you only have once a year if you are lucky! We traveled to the southern part of Stellwagen Bank to see at least 20 humpbacks! We saw literally almost everything that you could possibly see on a whale watch. We saw bubble nets and kick feeding. There was one mother calf pair around; the calf was tail breaching and lobtailing. It’s so fun to watch the little calves (only 4-5 months old) trying to do surface behaviors. This one was fairly coordinated, and the one breach it did was a full spinning head breach. This little guy or gal had practiced quite a bit. We never got a good look at the mom, so unfortunately we aren’t sure who it was. While watching the calf, we saw Alphorn and Springboard. We finished up the trip on Sanchal, the 2008 calf of Salt. She was flipper slapping in the distance, and when we got there, she decided to check us out. It was the best close to boat I have had in a few years. The water was so calm, she was all over the boat, and it lasted about twenty minutes. She was belly up and looking at us with eyes wide open. It’s such an amazing experience to have a wild animal so curious! Truly an experience I hope will never be forgotten by the passengers today. What a wonderful group of people to share the day with. Thank you for your excitement and awe! Till tomorrow…I wish you pleasant dreams of whales.    ~Cynde

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