June 28 2012

The last few days have been great conditions for finding whales.  Flat seas and great visibility has revealed that the whales are still feeding on Stellwagen Bank.  We spent most of today’s trip on this season’s most familiar cow/calf pair; Boomerang and her very active calf.  Nearly every time this calf goes on a dive it lifts its fluke high into the air which is not common for calves this time of season.  The calf also threw us off guard today when it split from it’s mother and went off on its own for a few minutes before racing back over to her.

We ended our trip on a pair of fin whales that were swimming amongst a pod of Atlantic White sided Dolphins.  I’m always so curious to see how different whales interact with each other but when you get two different species interacting, it is really fascinating.  It is still a mystery as to why they do this.  What is even more curious is that this is the second day in a row we have seen this type of interspecies interaction, and yesterday they were probably about 15 miles north of where they were spotted today!

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