We went down to Stellwagen today and the seas became progressively nicer throughout the trip. The whales have been on the move lately so we never know what to expect these days. On today’s trip we picked up a humpback whale named Boomerang swimming with her calf.  This was the first time anyone on the boat had actually seen this whale.  We spotted the pair not by blows but instead by the huge splashes that the calf was generating by breaching out of the water continuously!  We must have seen 25 breaches and close to the boat.  Boomerang and calf were not the only whales out there either.  Just a few hundred yards away were another mom and calf.  These were Scylla and calf.  They crossed paths with Boomerang and continued on.  Also on Stellwagen today was a small basking shark and a huge fin whale!

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